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This is a question that we field all day, every day.


As either a potential designer, developer, freelancer, or the owner of a website design business it’s important that you know how to answer this question and understand what your competitor is charging as well as how you can create value. And, on the flip-side, if you’re a business owner looking for information on the cost of developing your own site (either using a service, or hiring a developer) you need to understand the many levels of answers that can come from such a broad question. In both cases – it’s important to remember that although a website is a “digitized” item, a website is still a product, but it’s also a service. There’s a whole relationship (between you and your client, or you and the company you hire to do your website) that crops up through the process of web development, and this relationship, as well as the ongoing support that continues AFTER the site has launched is what separates this “product” from others. If I had to make a comparison, I’d say pricing (and building) a website is a lot like pricing (and building) a new home. Whether you buy a home from a new development, or have one custom built. The process is very much like as building a home which is sometimes just as complicated and as costly.