Vehicle Wraps

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Make your company vehicle a mobile billboard!


At ZDGmedia car wraps are handled with the utmost care for fit to body contours and final appearance. We strive to match design whenever possible to the lines in the vehicle to enhance both the vehicle and the message on it. We have templates in stock for most vehicles and can custom make a template for rarer vehicles should the need arise.

Lunch Trucks, SUV’s, and Bus Wraps

Function, style, and your brand’s advertising message are harmoniously blended here at ZDGmedia. Whether you want wild or mild, we will get it done for you!

Truck and Trailer

Whether you have one big container box truck or a fleet of trucks, we can get them covered in the message of your choice. Let us assist you in maximizing your budget and graphic impact.

Wrap and Removal

Find out why we are the favorite of vendors that may require a vehicle wrap with a possible short term situation. These projects require precise coordination among various parties involving multiple deadlines and timetables. We work with you to ensure accurate and timely service. We know the leadtimes on these projects are often short but that does not stop us from providing the best wrap possible within a short amount of time and within budget. Often times these projects require wrap removal within a week or less. We can bundle wrap removal for complete turnkey service Рfrom design, installation, and removal.

Give us a call to discuss your unique wrap project!