Good retouching should look natural, you shouldn’t hear “nice retouching” from people, if it’s that noticeable then it’s not good work. Unfortunately ‘over-retouching’ is quite common as well as obvious and unsightly.

Our retouching style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights natural. You won’t see ‘glow in the dark’ eyes, porcelain skin or any other image degradations. We strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself.

  • Blemish removal (non extensive)
  • Even out skin shadows and imperfections
  • Wrinkle reduction / removal
  • Eye lightening (making your eyes pop, but not ‘glow’ unnaturally)
  • Hair adjustments/repairs (non extensive)



  • Band Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Retail Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Portraiture Photography